How to Make an Appointment

If you would like to make an appointment please contact us to check availability. Strictly by Appoiment Only

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What style of dress should I go for?

What an exciting time! At fairytale bridal couture we will be able to take one look at you and advise you on the dress shapes that will suit your body. Tell us about you, your figure, height and complexion, as well as the theme of your day and your venue. Bring somone with you…

How many appointments will I need?

Don’t worry, All brides are different and you could say It’s normal to expect a few – The first will be your initial consultation to express you ideas looking for ‘the one’, the second will be after you’ve ordered your gown and it’s arrived in store were we aim to prepare for any alterations or modifications and a final check before your wedding day to ensure the alterations are all correct.

What if I lose weight before the big day?

If you’re dieting, it’s best to be honest about this from the very first appointment, so that your boutique can arrange final fittings nearer to the wedding date.